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How to Get into the Creative Media Sector of the Game Industry

How to Get into the Creative Media Sector of the Game Industry

Creative Media is an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts Degree. It combines expertise from various disciplines within the arts. It aims to give students the chance to develop their collaboration and critical thinking skills as they produce compelling stories across multiple media platforms.

It will enable students to use technology in new ways and to think differently about the creative process. Students learn how to develop a highly interactive creative process, utilising visual, textual and digital means of communication. This degree aims to encourage students to think creatively through new methods and design solutions for complex issues.

How to Get into the Creative Media Sector of the Game Industry

Here is How You Can Get Started

In order to be successful in this industry, you must have an understanding enough to deliver local SEO services in Perth, if you deal with online stores, you will need a deep knowledge base to deliver a solid eCommerce SEO service in Perth, social media marketing and website development. You will also need to have strong writing skills. The first Creative Media program that you study will normally be a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a concentration in Visual and Performing Arts.

There are many other creative media degrees available. For instance, you could go on to study Photography, Film or Television, to name just a few. The choice of subjects in your Bachelor’s degree will depend upon the area of creative media you wish to focus on after graduating. It could be anything from Film Making to Graphic Design.

The Creative Media students who decide to major in Graphic Design also have many options that allow them to specialise in specific sub-niches within the creative media industry. If film is more your thing, then Film Making may be a better option for you.  Animation, Video Game Design, and Visual Effects could be great choices for you if you wish to be involved in the film and TV industry.

What Happens After Graduation?

After graduation, you will need to put all that you have learned into practice if you want to establish yourself as an authority in your particular chosen industry. Participating in networking events, conferences, master classes, and workshops will build up a reputation to give you the necessary credibility with your target audience. You will then need to regularly present yourself as an expert in your chosen field to demonstrate that you are the real deal with your knowledge and skills.

Advice for Game Developers

Aspiring game developers may be under the impression that they do not have to worry about ethical constraints when making a game. However, you should make sure that all the development processes used are completely transparent.

How to Get into the Creative Media Sector of the Game Industry

By doing this, you will show prospective employers that you are completely prepared to adhere to all ethics regulations. You will also need to ensure that all your work is done using state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Aspiring game developers and other creatives should ensure that they get a lot of experience under their belt. This can only be achieved by participating in various internships and workshops. Many developers choose to use their internships to build up their portfolios to show potential employers what they are capable of.

You can also look to the Internet for help finding a job in the creative media sector. Many job websites allow aspiring creatives to place their qualifications and experience on display for potential employers to view.

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