At DDP Studios we love a great story. We love helping you tell that story and we love watching your stories resonate with audiences on screen.

We are a collective of like-minded craftsmen and women sharing the same philosophy and passion. We’re about people first, technology second - the best post-production talent collaborating with you on your inspired ideas.

Our heritage lies with Australia’s most highly regarded post brands; CornerPost, Digital Pictures, Deluxe Melbourne and EFilm.

DDP Studios has three best-in-industry post-production studios in Crows Nest, Lane Cove and South Melbourne and is powered by Deluxe’s global technical capability and expertise.

We would be delighted to talk with you about your next great story and how our talent and services can help make it easier and better for you.

Come and meet our team

Ian Anderson
Executive Producer
1300 337 287

Caroline Pitcher
General Manager
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Our Services

We provide digital architecture solutions from camera to screen - anywhere you need us; remote on-set or near-set data & colour management, offline editing suites at your place or ours with full technical infrastructure support, online finishing, colour grading, VFX & Sound design as well as mastering & delivery for any size of screen.

Our People

We are a group of experienced and dedicated craftsmen and women; digital architects, online artists, colourists, post-producers, systems engineers, sound designers & digital technicians. We are experts in post-production for film & television.

Our passion is focussed on delighting clients & audiences alike with inspirational stories. Responsive & accountable, we apply our craft to assist you to fully realise your greatest on-screen ideas.

Our Practice

Whether you are making a feature film, television drama, documentary or reality series we take the time to get to the technical heart of your project. We’ll design the best end-to-end digital roadmap for you, allowing you to direct all your energy towards storytelling.

Your Projects

At DDP Studios we relish the challenge of each unique story. We focus on collaborating with you to truly understand your creative vision balanced with your production requirements. Our producers, craftspeople & technologists care for each & every stage of a project - from on-set data management through to delivery of final masters – your story is our story.